My name is Gabriel Petesch, and I'm a competitive chess player and chess teacher from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Currently, I'm ranked 7th in the state of Pennsylvania among active chess players.  Aside from competing in tournaments, I am currently focused on growing the chess culture in Pittsburgh the Pittsburgh area through the following:

  • Chess Classes. I've set up chess classes in several places in and around Pittsburgh. Classes will resume in the fall.

  • Chess Tournaments. In 2017, I collaborated with Ben Johnson, a fellow chess teacher, to run scholastic chess tournaments. Since Ben has moved, I have taken a break from running tournaments, but this may be something that I will pick up again if there's sufficient interest. Our first tournament was held on March 18th of this 2017.

  • Summer Camps. This summer, I will run 3 summer camps. Click here for more info.

  • Chess in Schools. After school chess classes are a fun way for kids to learn and get more involved in chess. This year, I taught after school classes at 5 schools, as well as lunchtime classes at 2 schools

  • Free Events. From time to time, I put on free events, usually in the form of 'simuls' (short for 'simultaneous exhibition'). Simuls are events in which I play many different people at the same time. Click here to learn more.

  • Personal Instruction. I have been teaching private students for 8 years. I do both in-person and skype sessions. Click here to send me a message regarding personal instruction.